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Tomo Side Table | © Yokozeki Ryota


Tomo, a Japanese word that means “friend”, is the name of this clean and functional side table. A famous aphorism states: “Friends are like walls. Sometimes you lean on them, and at other times it is essential to just know that they are there.” Imagine a silent friend who is always there for you: Tomo is exactly what we all need! Its ideal manageability makes it the perfect shelf to place a book or your glasses while in the intimacy of your living room or home garden and its high versatility makes it perfectly adaptable to shared environments, such as lobbies and waiting rooms. Tomo is an everyday object with a minimal and precise taste. Characterized by a strong Japanese aesthetic, it is the ultimate side table to give personality to a décor. Tomo collection is incredibly light and adaptable, it is made in polypropylene and recycled waste materials with low environmental impact . With this modern and essential small table, TOOU reconfirms its bet on the compatibility of its products with the environment, thus respecting its important eco sustainability policy.

  • Structure in polypropylene and natural waste.
  • Components: 85% Polypropylene / 15% Fiberglass Shell
  • UV resistant.
  • Indoor / outdoor.
  • Suitable for: Residential or commercial setting.

  • Inches 11w | 16d | 18.1h ||  Weight: 8.4 lbs.


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Yokozeki Ryota
Gifu, Japan, 1985

After graduating from Kanazawa College of Art in 2008, he started working at an electric appliances company in Tokyo. While working at the company, he also worked on his own and participated in exhibitions such as Milano Salone. When he exhibited “Aizome Chair” in Milan in 2016, it was selected as the collection of Vitra Design Museum.

After working at the company for ten years, he founded Ryota Yokozeki Studio in 2017. At the studio, he focuses on the experience that a form can give to people.
Nowadays, a wide variety of lifestyles are accepted and various people are seeking their own unique experiences.

He seeks the form that presents the most fresh, beautiful, familiar and fun experience, and mostly he searches and provides a new experience that has never been lived before. In addition to that, he clearly thinks a great deal about the form following the function and experience, when practicing his design work.

TOOU Design


TOOU is the realization of a utopia: ergonomic, accessible and versatile designs applied to everyday objects. Conceived for both interior and exterior furnishing, for singles and communities alike, with a cross-fit aesthetic that adjusts to every living style, Toou objects are designed and built for each one of us. A meeting point between the European and Asian cultures, in 2015 TOOU started creating design objects taking account of people above all. TOOU was born out of the blend between European taste for design, in its Italian, Swiss and Northern European interpretations. Italy is the creative heart of TOOU, where designs take shape and where the upholsteries are tailored following accurate research on materials and color combinations. Our molds are then developed and mass-produced making the best use of consolidated experience in the manufacturing of plastic products for renowned furniture industry partners. The production of TOOU molds is entrusted to a company with over 30 years of experience in the sector. The quality of molds and finishes is the same applied to the production of components for the automotive industry, which requires very high-quality standards. Our primary goal is to make each object as desirable, affordable and customizable as possible, making use of a wide range of materials, shapes, and colors, in order to turn a mass-produced product into a highly personal one. Our products are the material realization of strong, detailed ideas. Toou aims to create long-lasting in objects, both in construction and in aesthetics silhouettes and volumes that will become the trustworthy companions of your own domestic landscape.



White, Light Brown, Caledon Green, Pink