Made in ITALY. BABEL D, established in 2022 by young entrepreneurs to produce outdoor furniture, represents the synthesis between a long experience in metalworking and the ecological needs that guide the choices and behaviour of current and future generations of consumers. BABEL D creates new codes in furniture, just as we have done for more than 40 years in other industries. The search for authenticity pushes us beyond traditional boundaries: we are provocative and visionary. BABEL D’s aesthetics, comfort, longevity and ecological compatibility inspire our designs, combining technology and emotion to bring comfort and friendliness to your garden or terrace.


B&T Design is one of the leading furniture manufacturers in Turkey. With its masterful tailoring skills in upholstered products and precise attention to detail in wood and metal manufacturing B&T Design provides world-class products and services. When designing and manufacturing; B&T Design keeps users in mind to be as functional and useful as possible.B&T Design was founded in 1995 by the entrepreneur Talip Aysan, combining his expertise in metalwork with designers who offer fresh design ideas. Started manufacturing design-oriented collections as per European quality standards. Today, B&T Design exports its products and services to more than 65 countries.


Laminimal is a furniture design company based in Southern California, newly created with the intention to combine the influential and minimalist character of the Swiss design aesthetic with the effortlessly cool vibes of Los Angeles, without a trace of superficiality. The aim of this collaboration between Swiss designer Simone Viola and American entrepreneur Joseph Boyraz is to design and create furniture and accessories which embody minimalistic simplicity while well-thought-out details enhance the overall functionality of the design. Laminimal is the present-day interpretation of the California Cool design movement. The company based in Southern California, all collections designed in Switzerland, manufactured in Istanbul, Turkey.


TOOU strives to put people at the heart of all projects and processes with an affordable and customizable design. TOOU uses technology to produce comfortable, safe, and beautiful products that are both classic and contemporary. Offering a range of materials, shapes, and colors that can be combined to suit individual needs and tastes, TOOU seeks to create durable furniture designed to be everyday classics. Nuans Design heavily stocks TOOU in North America. The TA collection, Holi Collection, Joi Collection, Stellar Chairs, PA HE Ko Stools, and the Cadrea Collections are all available for quick-ship.


Kollektiff is a visionary furniture design studio and manufacturer based in New Jersey, USA. Our brand is a result of the collaboration between one of North America’s well-established modern furniture distributors Nuans Design and a reputable furniture manufacturer in Turkey with decades of experience.An alliance of passionate design enthusiasm and flawless craftsmanship manufactures for hospitality, contract, and residential applications all at contract-grade quality.


Prostoria was founded in 2010 in Croatia, and in just a few year's time has positioned itself as a leader and promoter of new ideas in the industry. Beautiful and functional, Prostoria’s upholstered furniture is a reflection of the passion and heritage of all of the actors involved in its production. The company’s inventive designers use technology, detailed craftsmanship, and local materials to create new, iconic designs. Nuans Design stocks a limited selection of Prostoria designs.