Established in 2022 by visionary entrepreneurs, BABEL D is at the forefront of outdoor furniture production, embodying a fusion of extensive metalworking expertise and a commitment to ecological sustainability, aligned with the evolving preferences of today’s and tomorrow’s consumers.

BABEL D selects metals such as steel, aluminum alloys, and stainless steel for its furniture, ensuring both longevity and recyclability. The application of protective treatments, crucial for preserving product integrity and aesthetics, adheres to environmentally friendly materials and techniques certified by reputable suppliers.

Collaborating closely with a diverse team of designers from various nationalities and cultures, BABEL D meticulously examines every detail and embraces constructive feedback on production and functionality. The BABEL D project thrives on diversity, creating harmonies and contrasts that result in an apparently illogical yet vibrantly energetic outcome.

All stages, from engineering and experimental testing to metal part production, unfold at BABEL D’s Arcore facilities. Finishing, galvanizing, and painting processes are entrusted to specialized and certified suppliers. Upholding high standards, BABEL D’s carefully selected suppliers test and certify fabrics.

Rigorous quality assurance operations follow strict protocols, conducted in-house or at suppliers’ facilities according to agreed-upon standards. Independent bodies conduct and certify resistance tests, ensuring BABEL D’s commitment to delivering enduring and exceptional outdoor furniture.