stray from the ordinary

High quality, most innovative furniture designs from around the globe. Nuans brings European aesthetics to North America at an affordable cost. We partner directly with the factories in order to ensure lowest price possible for the end customers. Most of our product lines are in stock with vast selection of color and material options. With special orders we offer extensive customization options to all design enthusiasts. Almost the entire line is tested and certified for commercial use.

brand catalogs

All creative, all new, all original. All of these lines offered our customers exclusively in North America by Nuans Design. Here you can glance through printed catalogs of those collections. Leading and very promising designer collections from around the world.

product categories

Unique but relevant furniture. Most striking designs without compromising comfort. Explore by category.

Make America Beautiful Again! 60’s Sense of Aesthetic, Today’s Innovative Technics.

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Fill in your application form or follow us on the social media outlet to find out more about your preferred furniture designer, or trade with us.


Nuans offers a great sense of aesthetics to stir emotions.
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