unia barstool


Unia Collection

A true blend of vintage meets the present day. Unia is a seamless realization of the question of how you can make a chair that is modern and simple but still classy chic. Unia is an elegant solution to that question. This refined design with its precise curvilinear forms amplifies the style of any environment. What makes Unia chair design interesting is that the entire chair frame is made of only two steel tubes, gently bent into a modern linear look. Another attractive feature of the chair is the contrasting metal tube with a soft seat and back cushion. The continuous unbroken look of the upholstery is both comfortable and stylish. Your space will look sophisticated and not the least bit stuffy.

A true blend of vintage meets the present day.

Name Unia is a representation of its structural value where metal tubes from the front and rear of the chair unite in the center together and create a unique monoblock frame. Unia Collection consists of a chair, counter stool, barstool, and lounge chair, all perfectly suitable for any residential, hospitality, or contract application.

Width 55 cm \ 21.6 inches

Depth 57 cm \ 22.4 inches

Height 81 cm \ 31.9 inches

Seat Height 47 cm \ 18.5 inches

Armrest Height 66 cm \ 26 inches

Weight 9.1 kg \ 20.06 lbs


Steel frame painted in polyester powder. Bentwood seat and seatback padded and upholstered in fabric or eco leather. Indoor use only.

Width 67 cm \ 26.4 inches

Depth 63 cm \ 24.8 inches

Height 82 cm \ 32.3 inches

Seat Height 43 cm \ 16.9 inches

Armrest Height 62 cm \ 24.4 inches

Weight 11.3 kg \ 24.91 lbs


Steel frame painted in polyester powder. Bentwood seat and seatback padded and upholstered in fabric or eco leather. Indoor use only.

Width 55 cm \ 21.6 inch

Depth 57 cm \ 22.44 inch

Height 101 cm \ 39.7 inch

Seat Height 68 cm \ 26.7 inch

Armrest Height 86 cm \ 33.8 inches

Weight 10.4 kg \ 22.92 lbs


Steel frame painted in polyester powder. Bentwood seat and seatback padded and upholstered in fabric or eco leather. Indoor use only.

Width 56 cm \ 22 inch

Depth 58 cm \ 22.8 inch

Height 111 cm \ 43.7 inch

Seat Height 78 cm \ 30.7 inch

Armrest Height 96 cm \ 37.8 inches

Weight 10.7 kg \ 23.58 lbs


Steel frame painted in polyester powder. Bentwood seat and seatback padded and upholstered in fabric or eco leather. Indoor use only.


Simone Viola

Simone Viola was born in Mendrisio, Switzerland, in 1985. He studied industrial design in Milan and soon began to collaborate with prominent Italian and international architecture and design studios. In 2011, these experiences led him to open his own studio in Switzerland, specializing in industrial design and interiors. The décor sector became his main area of interest and experimentation, and his personal tastes began to emerge: a strong inclination towards clean lines and artisan workmanship.

His efforts are mainly devoted to an ongoing search for functional simplicity, in which design becomes the expression of a personal style while serving a practical purpose. This confluence gives rise to minimalist, ergonomic shapes, intended to decorate living spaces in a recognizable manner. To this end, Simone Viola personally oversees all the stages of creation and production, scrupulously overseeing every detail in the entire process.



Laminimal is a furniture design company based in Southern California, newly created with an intention to combine the influential and minimalist character of Swiss design aesthetic with the effortlessly cool vibes of Los Angeles, without a trace of superficiality. The aim of this collaboration between Swiss designer Simone Viola and American entrepreneur Joseph Boyraz is to design and create furniture and accessories which embody minimalistic simplicity while well-thought-out details enhance the overall functionality of the design.

Laminimal is the present-day interpretation of the California Cool design movement.

Since the early twentieth century, California in general and Los Angeles with surrounding areas, in particular, has been the vanguard of the contemporary lifestyle. Angelenos realized that advanced technology and innovative use of new materials should give birth to a fresh interpretation of forms in architecture as well as consumer products. From iconic residences to extraordinary public buildings, from futuristic Googie design roadside signages to eye-popping art installations Los Angeles has become a mecca for Modernism.

As Angelenos, we acknowledge this priceless modern heritage and reinterpreted it in our designs. The LA designers who preceded us in the mid-century were pioneers in exploring new materials and forms of their times. At Laminimal we aspire to explore today’s new forms and materials of the 21st century and continue the modernist legacy. Laminimal started with a passion to manage the entire process of furniture creation from conceptual design of ideas through manufacturing, every step of the way until packaging and assembly to ensure our furniture exceeds your expectations, every single time. The end result is beyond industry standards: authentic, timeless California cool furniture pieces that are accessible for all those who love design. Our collections of simple and soulful pieces use clean geometric lines to cultivate a strong aesthetic creating energy and warmth in any indoor or outdoor space. Laminimal’s mission is to connect you to your home and allow you to create spaces that reflect your spirit.

We love our planet.
We are genuinely aware of our responsibilities as designers and makers.

Therefore, we are committed to making each product with sustainably sourced renewable materials and recycled content. We assess every material for its recycled content or recyclability. Our steel parts are fully recyclable and our powder coating system is environmentally sensitive. We prioritize fabrics made from renewable materials like wool, hemp, cotton, or viscose linen, or 100% recycled polyester. At Laminimal, we build furniture to last longer than the latest viral trends. You should feel comfortable purchasing our designs and know that you won’t have to replace your furniture until you actually want to. And we’re sure you won’t want to.