sensu outdoor lounge chair


Sensu is made of eco plastic, to underline the great sensitivity that TOOU has had for years towards the environment and sustainability.


Sensu | By Simone Viola, 2022


Sensu collection takes its name from the well-known Japanese fan: an iconic, light, and handy accessory. Its silhouette, consisting of an embracing backrest set on a conical base, aesthetically evokes the Japanese fan, thus making it not only a simple yet comfortable lounge chair but also light and versatile in use: a seat where you can relax and immerse yourself in another reality.


Simple yet very comfortable lounge chair.


Along with the version equipped with a single cushion, whose fabric and padding make the chair highly versatile and suitable both for indoor and outdoor environments, there is also the option to cover Sensu completely. In fact, thanks to the Easy Up solution, complete padding that can be easily removed by means of an elastic fastening system, it is possible to transform Sensu into a fully upholstered chair that is perfect for both indoor and outdoor solutions. Sensu is made of eco-plastic, to underline the great sensitivity that TOOU has had for years towards the environment and sustainability, making it an authentic witness of our concern for the planet.

Sensu Brochure / Datasheet



Chair frame: Eco plastic; recycled plastic material and natural waste.

Chair Upholstery: Outdoor fabric and quick dry (open cell) foam.


Dimensions and Weight

29.1" D | 26.5" W | 32.9" H | 14.3" SH  -  19.2 lbs


Simone Viola


Simone Viola was born in Mendrisio, Switzerland in 1985. After rigorous training in industrial design in Milan and through his collaboration during various architectural and design studios, he
began to gain experience in Switzerland and abroad. In 2011, he founded the Simone Viola Design Studio, focusing on industrial projects for furniture and accessories.

His philosophy leans toward research on the materials and technical aspects related to the development of the project, conceptually guided by historical and artistic references. This approach produces the most natural connection to contemporary design, where the object is not the expression of a trend, but a long-lasting fusion of form and the intended use.

Soft, natural elegant shapes and elevated attention to detail characterizes his work and continuous optimization of the development phase allows the realization of high quality and
generously accommodating products.

TOOU Design


TOOU is more than a furniture manufacturer.
It is the realization of a utopia: to create authentic but accessible and versatile designs of everyday objects.
Conceived for both interior and exterior furnishing with a contemporary aesthetic that fits every living style, TOOU furniture pieces are designed and built for each one of us.

When creating new furniture, our aim is durability in design and aesthetics, therefore products are never superfluous in accessories nor designed for ephemeral trends, but universal and versatile. TOOU strives to create innovative and fresh products in a process of user-centered design that puts people at the heart of things.

TOOU strives to create objects through a production that puts people at the heart of things.

We materialize projects in which we can utilize modern technology while keeping the end user’s needs and perspective in mind. This optimized process of production results in comfortable, safe, and beautiful products that are as aesthetically pleasing as they are practical.

Our primary aim is that every TOOU product is desirable, affordable, and customizable, with a range of materials, shapes, and colors that can transform a mass-produced product into a highly personal one.