revo low stool on castor base

Designed to meet new expectations and fit in an unprecedented way into realities such as smart offices.


Revo Stool | ©
By Simone Viola, 2021


Revo as revolutionary, innovative, which focuses on new paradigms and needs.
Revo as revolving, which allows you to rotate, turn around in complete freedom, and to feel yourself the master of your own movement.
A simple, minimal word that embodies the soul of this collection made up of chair and stool.
Designed to meet new expectations and fit in an unprecedented way into realities such as smart offices. In addition to a more traditional version with sled legs, the Revo collection features a model with casters that become invisible thanks to its lower base. This element also offers an indispensable support surface useful in all circumstances.
The handy and functional shape, as well as the reduced surface of its embracing backrest, have been designed to allow extreme comfort and give that feeling of freedom, making the boundaries between you and Revo very blurred.
The collection is completed by a revolving writing desk, whose arm and the top can rotate on their own axis, making the seat highly suitable for community contexts.

The range of color options also reflects Revo’s adaptability. With its black lower base, the Revo collection offers five different chromatic options which make it perfect for all different tastes.

With this collection, made of eco plastic, a compound of organic waste materials, with low environmental impact, TOOU reconfirms its extreme sensitivity towards the environment. Not only that, the Revo collection, as they can be dismantled, allows more efficient recycling of their components, thus concretizing an important eco-sustainability policy.

Revo Collection Color and Fabric Options ↓
  • Made of eco plastic, the compound of recycled waste material.
  • Order with or without the seat pad.
  • With or without the castor base. The castor base can be attached and removed anytime.
  • Suitable for: Contract / Healthcare / Residential use.
  • Revo Stool : 17.7″ D x 21.6″ W x 22″ H | Seat height: 17.5″
  • Revo Stool on Castor Base: 17.7″ D x 21.6″ W x 23″ H | Seat height: 18.3″
  • Writing Table: 10.6″ D x 23″ W x 14″ H
  • Stool: Eco White, Eco Red, Eco Light Gray, Eco Mustard, Eco Anthracite.
  • Castor Base: Black.
  • Writing Table: Black.
  • Upholstery: Light Gray, Red Terracotta, Mustard, Dark Gray.

Seat pads are sold separately. Please specify in your order if you like the seat pads or not.

Simone Viola

Simone Viola was born in Mendrisio, Switzerland in 1985.

After rigorous training in industrial design in Milan and through his collaboration during various architectural and design studies, he began to gain experience in Switzerland and abroad. In 2011, he founded the Simone Viola Design Studio, focusing on industrial projects for furniture and accessories. His philosophy leans toward research on the materials and technical aspects related to the development of the project, conceptually guided by historical and artistic references. This approach produces the most natural connection to contemporary design, where the object is not the expression of a trend, but a long-lasting fusion of form and the intended use. Soft, natural elegant shapes and elevated attention to details characterizes his work and continuous optimization of the development phase allows the realization of high quality and generously accommodating products.

TOOU Design


TOOU is the realization of a utopia: ergonomic, accessible and versatile designs applied to everyday objects. Conceived for both interior and exterior furnishing, for singles and communities alike, with a cross-fit aesthetic that adjusts to every living style, Toou objects are designed and built for each one of us. A meeting point between the European and Asian cultures, in 2015 TOOU started creating design objects taking account of people above all. TOOU was born out of the blend of European taste for design, in its Italian, Swiss and Northern European interpretations. Italy is the creative heart of TOOU, where designs take shape and where the upholsteries are tailored following accurate research on materials and colour combinations. Our moulds are then developed and mass-produced making the best use of consolidated experience in the manufacturing of plastic products for renowned furniture industry partners. The production of TOOU moulds is entrusted to a company with over 30 years of experience in the sector. The quality of moulds and finishes is the same as applied to the production of components for the automotive industry, which requires very high-quality standards. Our primary goal is to make each object as desirable, affordable and customizable as possible, making use of a wide range of materials, shapes and colours, in order to turn a mass-produced product into a highly personal one. Our products are the material realization of strong, detailed ideas. Toou aims to create long-lasting objects, both in construction and in aesthetics silhouettes and volumes that will become trustworthy companions of your own domestic landscape.