moon modular sofa

So many different configurations. An elegant sofa design that is meticulously crafted. This contemporary piece is a testament to the beauty found in clean design, offering a harmonious balance between form and function.


Moon Modular Sofa

With its curved, embracing back, the Moon Sofa pulls the user intuitively into the deep, comfortable seat modules, fully upholstered to the ground. Further elevated by thin armrests and backrests, the design fosters a sense of sophisticated sharpness and craftsmanship, conveyed through exaggerated piping details along the edge. Crafted with a discerning eye for minimalism, this sofa boasts a sleek and understated silhouette, free from unnecessary embellishments. The rounded lines soften the overall aesthetic, creating an inviting and organic feel that effortlessly complements a modern living space.The modular design of the sofa allows for a tailored seating experience, adapting to the unique contours of any room. Each section seamlessly integrates with the next, providing endless arrangement possibilities to suit individual preferences and spatial layouts. This adaptability transforms the sofa into a versatile centerpiece, reflecting the dynamic needs of contemporary living.Upholstered in high-quality, tactile materials, the minimalist modular sofa prioritizes comfort without compromising on style. The smooth, rounded edges of the cushions and frame not only enhance the visual appeal but also contribute to a cozy and inviting seating experience.

Seat: Hardwood slats and HR foam.

Base: Steel tubular.

Upholstery: Fabric, leather, or eco-leather.

Use: Residential or commercial.








Solid wood is used on chairs and table legs and plywood is used on chair seats and backrest panels.


Click the below link for standard fabrics and eco-leather offered for the Kollektiff collection. For quick-ship options please refer to the ‘lead time’ tab.
COM / COL orders are welcomed. For the COM ordering process contact us at sales@nuansdesign.com


Moon modular sofa collection is currently in our made-to-order program.
Lead time for Kollektiff orders is 10-12 weeks.

Our Story

Kollektiff is a visionary furniture design studio and manufacturer based in New Jersey, USA.

Our brand is a result of the collaboration between one of North America’s well-established modern furniture distributors Nuans Design and a reputable furniture manufacturer in Turkey with decades of experience.

An alliance of passionate design enthusiasm and flawless craftsmanship manufactures for hospitality, contract, and residential applications all at contract grade quality.

A New Design Approach

Our collection is designed in two ways: We have a team of up and coming in-house designers and artisans that we call Kollektiff Crew.

Most of our designs are the creation of this talented and dedicated team. We also work with young promising designers from around the world, bringing their dreams into reality. Either by the Crew or by the individual designers, we assure you that the outcome is always authentic and fresh.

Our Value Proposition

We design, develop, manufacture, and deliver.

Our team manages the process from conceptual design through developing, manufacturing, and quality control. Managing all these steps in-house gives us the upper hand to offer great quality furniture at a very affordable price point.

Either for a large contact project or a small residential purchase, our promise is to provide you with impeccable quality at an incredible price point.

We believe that good design should be accessible to everyone. We take advantage of new technologies and employ innovative techniques to make sure we deliver flawless quality at much better price points than the industry standards.

Kollektiff Camarosa Chair-

Custom Capabilities

Most of the Kollektiff items are open for customization to individual tastes. We have a fabulous color palette of RAL colors in our standard offer. No minimum quantity required, no extra charge for those great color options listed here: Kollektiff Metal and Wood Color Palette 2022.

In addition to these colors, we go beyond that and offer an entire RAL catalog of hundreds of colors with a slight upcharge.

You can select your own upholstery options. Almost all fabrics, vinyl, and leather from major manufacturers are approved to be used by our factory.

Stock and Quick Shipping

The majority of the Kollektiff Collection is available in stock with several color and upholstery options.

Real-time updates of stock levels are available to the distributors, dealers, and retailers. Speedy delivery is used for all stock items.

Kollektiff Rosa Table 02

We Love The Globe

We are sincerely aware of our responsibilities to be environmentally friendly as designers and manufacturers. Our factory is dedicated to making each product with sustainably sourced renewable materials and recycled content. We assess every material for its recycled content or recyclability. Our steel parts are fully recyclable and our powder coating system is environmentally sensitive. We prioritize fabrics made from renewable materials like wool, cotton, or viscose linen, or 100% recycled polyester.

At Kollektiff, we recycle leftover residuals after metal manufacturing and leftover upholstery materials.