simetria coat hanger | design redesign

The name of the coat stand reflects the symmetrical construction arising from the rotation and mirroring of a single wooden part. This design principle provides multiple benefits. It facilitates production and reduces consumption of materials, permits easy assembly and dismantling as well as flat-pack transport. The straight lines of the juxtaposed pyramids dynamically change the appearance of the coat stand, from static symmetry to a dynamic and vibrating form, depending on the angle of viewing.


material: solid hardwood

dimensions:  18'' - 19.5''w | 70.5"h 


Interdisciplinary design studio redesign was founded by Neven and Sanja Kovačić in 2002.

Redesign focuses mainly on product design projects and is particularly interested in natural aesthetics and logic, sustainable design and mathematical structures. Alongside independent projects, studio actively collaborates with Croatian industries and innovators such as Bagheera and Prostoria. While projects range from furniture to sophisticated sports equipment, studios multi-faceted approach is distinguished by emphasis on innovation, sense of ecological responsibility, and rationality. In addition to being regulars in design publications, redesign have also received several national and international design awards.



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Founded in 2010 in Croatia, Prostoria delivers functional furniture with beautiful aesthetics.

Prostoria's vision is to create upholstered furniture that will enrich your everyday home and work interactions. The form of Prostoria products thus follows its function, while they treat aesthetics as an essential human need.

At Prostoria, people are creating for people, researching, exchanging ideas and knowledge of craft, employing technology and materials – all this to express the passion and the heritage of each of us.