seri round table

Crafted from an array of steel rods, the sculptural base boasts a distinctive profile, ensuring an eye-catching and unique aesthetic appeal.


The Seri table presents a distinctive elliptical form achieved through the juxtaposition of metal tubing side by side, showcasing its original design. The recurring metal pipes elegantly echo the elliptical oval shape of the tabletop.

Customers can personalize their table with an oval or round tabletop available in wood, marble, laminate, or lacquer. The legs are meticulously constructed from metal pipes, mirroring the elliptical shape of the upper table. This modern design seamlessly adapts to various settings, whether at home, in a manager’s office, or a restaurant, offering options for circular and elliptical tables with compatible feet.

In addition to its role as an elegant dining table, the Seri table transforms into a sleek meeting table when paired with Zone executive chairs. Design flexibility extends to creating a meeting room by selecting the Pera ellipse base and office base. When paired with the Rego X foot, the Seri table becomes a delightful dining option, showcasing its versatility and contemporary design.

  • The tabletop can be ordered in marble, lacquered wood, wood veneer, or laminated wood. Please see the “tabletop material options” catalog.
  • Base: Arrays of steel rods can be ordered in any color in B&T’s metal paint catalog.
  • Suitable for both residential and commercial use.
  • Round Top 1: 39.4″Dia | 29″h
  • Round Top 2: 47.2″Dia | 29″h
  • Round Top 3: 55.1″Dia | 29″h
  • Round Top 4: 59″Dia | 29″h
  • Round Top 5: 63″Dia | 29″h
The Seri table collection is crafted on a made-to-order basis with a lead time of 10-12 weeks.

Copmpact laminate (HPL) used on table tops. These table tops also suitable for outdoor use.

Exceptionally resilient ceramic table tops designed for both indoor and outdoor use. With unparalleled durability, these tables are built to withstand any weather conditions, making them the ideal choice for versatile and long-lasting furniture.

Drage Long Pouf
By Alp Nuhoglu

Meet the Drage family, bringing energy and dynamism to waiting areas, with their organic forms which render their modest and refined design timeless.

Vibrant and inviting.
Distinguished by their modest design, the Drage family supports the creation of a holistic and balanced perception of space, while its pouffes with their three different forms turn the shared areas of spaces such as hotels, offices, schools, and hospitals into unique spots of experience. With their flexible use suitable for the dynamics of waiting areas, their ways of installation can be constantly updated, offering the possibility to sit together or in groups. Emphasizing their twisted turns, the traces of their stitches characterize the Drage pouffes of different forms and dimensions. Rendering possible the creation of numerous combinations and striking matches with the colour options in the chart, the Drage pouffes with their organic forms make every space less ordinary, much warmer, more vibrant and inviting.

  • Solid steel structure.
  • HR Foam + elastic webbing.
  • Standard upholstery options or COL/COM.
  • Suitable for both residential and commercial use.
  • Please contact our office at sales@nuansdesign.com for the COM/COL requirements.
Drage Collection is currently made to order with a lead time of 10-12 weeks.

Alp Nuhoglu

Born in Trabzon Turkey in 1965, Alp Nuhoglu completed his academic education at Mimar Sinan University within the Industrial Products Design department. At the age of 23, he founded the furniture design company, DOR. Currently, Alp works as a designer and the design director with B & T Design. He is a prolific designer having created many of the B & T products we offer. It is his work with B&T which we feature here on Nuans such as the Alek Chair, Round Chair Collection, Loom Tables, Pi Stools, and many more.

Since 1995

B&T Design is one of the leading furniture manufacturers in Turkey.

With its masterful tailoring skills in upholstered products and precise attention to detail in wood and metal manufacturing B&T Design provides world-class products and services. When designing and manufacturing; B&T Design keeps users in mind to be as functional and useful as possible.

B&T Design was founded in 1985 by the entrepreneur Talip Aysan, combining his expertise in metalwork with designers who offer fresh design ideas.

Started manufacturing design-oriented collections as per European quality standards. Today, B&T Design exports its products and services to more than 65 countries from Australia to Belgium and the United Arab Emirates to the United States.

B&T Design, which continues to exhibit its new approaches in sector fairs in Germany, and Italy, regularly meets with users at Salone Del Mobile in Milan and Orgatec fairs in Cologne. The collections, which are always designed by successful designers for more than 20 years, become a common point of different cultures all over the world. B&T Design products are found in hospitals, offices, hotels, educational buildings, banks, airports, etc. around the world. B&T Design collections are preferred by developers and designers because of their unique solutions and modification options according to the space where products will be installed.


Today, B&T Design continues to develop product solutions for leading international brands such as Microsoft, Mercedes-Benz, Google, and BMW, as well as major domestic institutions such as Acıbadem, Memorial, and Medical Park Hospitals.

B&T Design, simplify interior designers, architects, and dealers’ work with the quality product and services it offers. After Istanbul and the USA, the last showroom opened to trade in Ankara in 2015. B&T Design, which has achieved significant success both at home and abroad, continued to increase its production capacity by moving to its new factory in 2016.




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