seri table

Seri Oval Table | By Tanju Ozelgin

The elliptical form produced by the recurrent metal tubing side-by-side reveals the original design of the Seri table. Consecutive metal pipes are in the form of repeating the elliptical oval shape of the top.

Oval or round table top can be ordered in wood, marble, laminate, or lacquer. The legs are made up of metal pipes in the order of the elliptical shape of the upper table. It is a modern table design that can accommodate at home, at the manager’s office, or at a restaurant, with a choice of circular and elliptical tables and table-compatible feet. Besides being a very elegant dining room table, it can also be a sleek meeting table when installed together with Zone executive chairs. It is possible to design a meeting room by choosing the Pera ellipse base and office base. Rego X can be a delightful dining table when used in conjunction with the foot.

Seri Tables Datasheet


  • The tabletop can be ordered in marble, lacquered wood, wood veneer, or laminated wood. Please see the "tabletop material options" catalog: Click here.
  • Base color options: B&T Metal Colors
  • Suitable for both residential and commercial use.


  • Oval Top 1: 71"w | 35.5"d | 29"h
  • Oval Top 2: 86.6"w | 43.3"d | 29"h
  • Oval Top 3: 94.5"w | 47.2"d | 29"h

For more details, please see the datasheet.



Tanju Ozelgin

Born in 1962, Istanbul, Tanju Özelgin graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts Industrial Design Department of Marmara University in 1984. In 1987, Tanju Özelgin founded Scala Design, and in 1987 he designed and implemented projects for fair stands, yachts, showrooms, homes, offices, publicity campaigns, furniture, and industrial products. 

Between 1993-1995, he worked with IN Mobilya (IN Furniture), of which he was a founding partner and cofounded Parlak Kırmızı (Bright Red) in 1996 with Ertan Binme, where they concentrated on interior design projects and applications, designs and development of industrial products, preparation of digital and video graphics. Since 2005, he continues his work at TO Design Studio, which focuses on interior design and industrial product design. Özelgin also continues to work as a faculty member and project counselor since 1998. 

He is a jury member, exhibition participant, and workshop manager in many competitions.

B&T Design

Since 1995

B&T Design is one of the leading furniture manufacturers in Turkey. With its masterful tailoring skills in upholstered products and precise attention to details in wood and metal manufacturing B&T Design provides world-class products and services. When designing and manufacturing; B&T Design keep users in mind to be as functional and useful as possible.

B&T Design, founded in 1985 by the entrepreneur Talip Aysan, combining his expertise in metalwork with designers who offer fresh design ideas. Started manufacturing design-oriented collection as per European quality standards. Today, B&T Design exports its products and services to more than 45 countries from Australia to Belgium and the United Arab Emirates to the United States.

B&T Design, which continues to exhibit its new approaches in sector fairs in Germany, Italy, regularly meets with users at Salone Del Mobile in Milan and Orgatec fairs in Cologne. The collections, which are always designed by successful designers for more than 20 years, become a common point of different cultures all over the world. B&T Design products are found in hospitals, offices, hotels, educational buildings, banks, airports, etc. around the world. B&T Design collections preferred by developers and designers because of its unique solutions and modification options according to space where products to be installed.

Today, B&T Design continues to develop product solutions for leading international brands such as Microsoft, Mercedes-Benz, Google, and BMW, as well as major domestic institutions such as Acıbadem, Memorial, and Medical Park Hospitals.

B&T Design, simplify interior designers, architects, and dealers’ work with quality products and services it offers. After Istanbul and the USA, the last showroom opened to trade in Ankara in 2015. B&T Design, which has achieved significant success both at home and abroad, continued to increase its production capacity by moving to its new factory in 2016.

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