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Daisy Chair | By B&T Design Team


Daisy is an ideal chair and armchair design for different places from the office to the cafeteria to the hotel room. Chair groups are offered with many different bases such as sled metal base, swivel star base, office bases in several different styles to become suitable for variable spaces.


In a new generation of open offices and in shared offices, this comfortable and stylish working chair will stand out. The series also make fantastic home office chair. Minimal design adds elegance to the space used.  Daisy Lounge seat from the same family brings comfort and sincerity to the room with its spacious size and wooden legs. In the private waiting rooms in the airports, a single product family can meet multiple needs in business and recreation areas.


Daisy Chairs Data Sheet

 Inches 23.5w | 21d | 32h | 18sh | 24.5 arm height.



COM: 1.5 yards // COL:  23 sq. ft.


  • Base Types:Sled base, swivel pedestal base, swivel 4-prong base, office base. 

  • Base Color/Finish Options: Sled and swivel bases can be ordered either in regular metal finish or any standard metal colors listed in B&T's Metal Color sample catalog.

  • Seat Upholstery Options: Can be ordered in graded in materials as per B&T's standard fabric catalog or COM/COL.

  • Polyurethane bedding is injection molded into a metal frame

  • Can be special ordered (COM/COL)

  • Suitable for both residential and commercial use.

B&T Design


Talip Aysan founded his Istanbul based company B&T Designs in 1993. At the heart of their brand were three keywords: “better”, “desirable” and “ worthy”. They would go on to build there, now, a global company in those words and ideas. The result was a line of instant classics that can be appreciated by any design fan.

High-quality commercial grade, fresh, minimally designed, very unique line of collection.

Today, B & T exports stunning modern products to over 50 countries including the United States and Canada. Their design team of top Turkish and European designers such as Alp Nuhoglu, Tanju Ozelgin, Sezgin Aksu, Silvia Suardi creates groundbreaking modern designs such as the Green Lounge Chair, Pop Modular Sofa, Pera Chair Range, Absolut Table, Morph Sofa and so on..