spectrum sofa

Crafted to embody the essence of simplicity and functionality, this sofa is perfect for those who appreciate clean lines, versatile aesthetics, and easy mobility.


By Altherr Désile Park

Spectrum collection esthetic reflects a combination of simplicity with complexity. More than a sofa, it is a system of expressive components that build around a foundational core of the seat, backrest, and cushions. A base like the perfect white shirt – lightweight, timeless – and further enriched with carefully crafted design details like stitches and colors that make it special. Easy to configure so as to dress up/dress down.

Sleek and Streamlined Design

Spectrum sofa features clean, uncomplicated lines, making it a seamless fit for any modern living space. Its minimalist design exudes elegance and sophistication.

Product presentation
Technical info
Suspension:elastic webbing
Base:metal + powder coating
Legs:metal + powder coating / solid wood + lacquer or black lacquer
Backrest:HR foam, polyester wadding
Support Cushion:feather, foam
Seat cushion:HR foam, polyester wadding
Upholstery:fabric / leather (removable)
3seater3,5seater   2,5seater + chaise lounge

Prostoria Convert collection is made to order. Lead times 14-16 weeks.

Altherr Désile Park

Altherr Désile Park is the evolution of the long-standing Barcelona-based studio Lievore Altherr. Working together, the two studios specialize in product design & development, strategic consulting, creative direction, art direction, and ephemeral architecture for internationally recognized design companies such as Arper, Andreu World, Vibia, Noorth, among others.

Their approach develops projects using an established strategy: a creative concept integrating product design and its communication. This holistic approach, humanist character, and the search for the essential in their projects – combined with a sensibility that transmits harmony and balance – characterize the designs of Altherr Désile Park.


We tend to perceive furniture as something abstract, created on designers’ desks and then produced, branded, and placed on the market by companies with different statuses and reputations. In fact, relations inside the contemporary globalized furniture industry are becoming more and more fragmented with less and less opportunity for complete dedication to synergies and collaborations… Prostoria, as a young company whose catalog already comprises some new icons such as the Polygon armchair and the Revolve transformable sofa, stands as an example of a different and more traditional approach based on the evolution from the local factuality and logical clustering of all actors involved in the production process.

The rapid development of Prostoria, formerly known as Kvadra, a company which has come a long way, from “starting from zero” to positioning itself as the leader and promoter of new ideas in only a few years’ time, is a story about the reintroduction of continuity both in Croatia and Central Europe, a region with vital but insufficiently recognized design scene and remarkable tradition and knowledge of the furniture industry. Those elements served as latent potentials that provided grounds for continuation and had to be activated.

Since the beginning, Prostoria has been developing an integrative approach, functioning as a collaboration platform that nourishes and stimulates a continuous exchange of knowledge and experience between all the actors participating in the production of furniture. A dynamic workshop ambiance has been created offering opportunities for designers to explore their ideas in excellent conditions and bring them to the highest level of design, functionality, and technological artisanship. Many products have been developed over long periods of time surpassing a number of iterations until reaching their final form, which would be impossible without adequate support combining contemporary technology and meticulous craftsmanship and handwork of the highest quality. Predominantly local materials are used, especially solid wood, and most of the production takes place within the company itself or in collaboration with local cooperatives.

While the company’s catalog also offers furniture based on tested models, Prostoria shows strategic and even passionate dedication to research-based design, convinced that authenticity has its place on the market but presents a special challenge in times when it seems almost impossible to create truly innovative and fresh concepts. For that reason, Prostoria’s social responsibility and specific position have to be observed as a contribution to the evolution of design and readiness to take risks in order to reach new values for the benefit of users and the culture. Thus, Prostoria stands as a project inside which designers grow together with the company on the grounds of mutual trust and shared goals.