slice dimple perforated

Slice Dimple Perforated | By Sander Mulder

Smooth as glass, the Slice chair base is the perfect example of a design that combines functionality and a graceful silhouette. With its minimalistic design Slice allows its materials to do the talking: the inserts, which have all the warmth of wood, slide on the metal frame of the legs and are connected via the magnets placed in the feet, which can be removed and repainted. Slice is a light and elegant base, perfect in its simplicity.

  • CATAS certified for contract use. 
  • 80% polypropylene, 20% fiber-glass. 
  • White and black shell colors. 
  • Very innovative chair legs design with changeable wooden inserts. 
  • White steel base in Walnut, black and natural stained ash wood sleeves.
  • Seat cushions available at an added cost.
  • Suitable for: Dining / Cafe / Restaurant / Meeting rooms / Conference

20.5" W x 23.2" D x 33.5" H | Arm height: 24" | Seat height: 18.3"

Sander Mulder

Born in 1978, he started studying design in 1996, sparked by the creativity and ingenuity he displayed as a child. It soon hit home; this would become his life long passion. His successful graduation from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2002, resulted in the start-up of his own design studio. His work is a combination of strong lines, subtle details, innovative techniques, and bold statements. Archetypes and their interpretation/acceptance by mankind are a never-ending source of inspiration.