stone modular seating


The epitome of versatile elegance and functional design.
This seating system brings a touch of modern sophistication to your space.



Stone Modular Interlocking Seating System

A perfect interlock-game for a collection of padded poufs with different shapes and sizes.

The system provides users with extensive design freedom, allowing poufs of various sizes to be arranged to create a unified, cohesive whole. 

This lends a sinuous fluidity to a waiting area, or even individually, for a harmonious and modern touch to any space.

The modular pouf ottomans from Stone is the ideal piece of furniture for all social areas, communal rooms or any big and wide spaces dedicated to harmony and well-being which need a breath of life.

The pouf ottomans belong to any home or work environment thanks to the interchangeable and modular structure which brings originality and individuality which match our customer’s personal needs and taste.
Conceived thanks to the creative inspiration of the design studio Baldanzi & Novelli whose visionary approach does not obey the typical and ordinary, the pouf ottoman collection delivers a unique and highly individual arrangement of patterns and forms.
The collection which embodies a set of original elements that come in a variety of sizes and shapes gives an endless possibility for flexibility and creative arrangement.
The multilayered inner frame made out of beach wood, the outer non-deformable upholstering, and the polypropylene feet that form the base are what make this type of furniture so durable and reliable. This as well as the rich color palette complete the sinuous look of the modular pouf ottomans which make our Stone line so perfect for any type of space that accommodates important events.

Technical Features

Multilayer beechwood inner structure, high-density foam padding. Polypropylene feet.

  • Upholstery
  • High-resistance foam
  • Wooden inner frame

Please refer to the product datasheet for the dimensions.

Indoor and outdoor fabric catalog.
We gladly accept COM/COL orders. For yardage information, please reach out to our office directly or refer to the product technical sheets. We're here to assist you with any questions or custom requirements you may have.
The Stone Seating collection is made to order. Lead time 10-12 weeks.



Quick and simple coupling system

The single modules, which can be combined and reconfigured thanks to a practical quick coupling system, can create an ever-changing sofa island, ideal for large contract spaces, lofts and areas dedicated to wellness and relaxation.