Mustafa Timur

Born in 1989 in ─░zmir, Mustafa Timur is a distinguished industrial designer who graduated from the Department of Industrial Design at Anadolu University’s Faculty of Design in 2009. His journey into design was further enriched when he earned a scholarship at the renowned Domus Academy, where he successfully completed the “Design For Consumer Electronics” program.

As a young and visionary designer, Mustafa Timur possesses a unique approach to his craft. He sees design as a narrative, a story waiting to be told. His philosophy revolves around fostering curiosity about the roots and essence of things and the world around him. This curiosity serves as a catalyst, enabling him to skillfully reconfigure the past and shape the future through his designs.

Timur’s design ethos is characterized by a harmonious blend of coincidental and imaginative elements, resulting in creations that are not only distinctive but also imbued with a sense of comfort. His ability to weave stories into his designs, coupled with his inventive and forward-thinking mindset, positions Mustafa Timur as an influential figure in the realm of industrial design.