A coalition of fervent design passion and impeccable artistry

Our Story

Kollektiff is a visionary furniture design studio and manufacturer based in New Jersey, USA.Our brand is the result of a collaboration between Nuans Design, a well-established modern furniture distributor in North America, and a reputable Turkish furniture manufacturer with decades of experience. This alliance, characterized by passionate design enthusiasm and impeccable craftsmanship, creates furniture for hospitality, contract, and residential applications—all meeting contract-grade quality standards

A Fresh Approach to Design

Our collection is crafted through two distinctive approaches: Firstly, by our in-house team of up-and-coming designers and artisans, collectively known as the Kollektiff Crew.The majority of our designs stem from the creativity and dedication of this talented team. Additionally, we collaborate with promising young designers globally, transforming their visions into tangible reality. Whether it's the collaborative effort of the Crew or the unique contributions of individual designers, we guarantee that the outcome is consistently authentic and innovative.

Our Value Proposition

We excel in designing, developing, manufacturing, and delivering. Our dedicated team oversees the entire process, from conceptual design to development, manufacturing, and quality control. By managing these steps in-house, we gain a competitive edge, enabling us to offer high-quality furniture at remarkably affordable price points.Whether it's a substantial contract project or a modest residential purchase, our commitment is to deliver impeccable quality at an exceptional price point.We firmly believe that good design should be within everyone's reach. Leveraging new technologies and adopting innovative techniques, we ensure the delivery of flawless quality at price points much more favorable than industry standards.

Bespoke Capabilities

Most Kollektiff items can be customized to suit individual tastes. Our standard offer includes a fabulous color palette of RAL colors, with no minimum quantity requirements or additional charges for the great color options listed in the Kollektiff Metal and Wood Color Palette.Furthermore, we extend our customization options by providing access to an entire RAL catalog of hundreds of colors, with a slight upcharge.For upholstery, you have the flexibility to choose from a wide range of options. Almost all fabrics, vinyl, and leather from major manufacturers are approved for use by our factory.

Ready-to-Ship Inventory

The majority of the Kollektiff Collection is readily available in our inventory, offering various color and upholstery options.Distributors, dealers, and retailers have access to real-time updates on stock levels. Expedited shipping is employed for all items in stock, ensuring prompt delivery.

Environment Affection

We are genuinely committed to our responsibility to promote environmental friendliness as both designers and manufacturers. Our factory is devoted to crafting each product using sustainably sourced renewable materials and recycled content. Every material undergoes assessment for its recycled content or recyclability. Our steel parts are fully recyclable, and our powder coating system is environmentally sensitive. We prioritize fabrics made from renewable materials such as wool, cotton, or viscose linen, as well as 100% recycled polyester.At Kollektiff, we actively recycle leftover residuals from metal manufacturing and upholstery materials.