Grupa (Filip Despot, Ivana Pavić, Tihana Taraba) is a Croatian design studio and a lighting objects brand.  Their products are distinguished by minimalism, functionality and flexibility to one’s personal choice. For Prostoria, Grupa designed the Monk, 3-angle and Tinker collection, Echo sofa, Piun chair and Shtef shelf system.

In the subsequent years, Grupa evolved into a distinguished design brand, celebrated for its contributions to product and interior design. Their collaborative ventures with manufacturers and architects, both domestically and internationally, have garnered acclaim for their distinctive blend of versatility and minimalism.

A pivotal moment occurred in 2012 when Grupa transitioned from solely a design entity to a manufacturer, unveiling a line of lighting products designed in-house. This marked a significant stride, fusing their design philosophy with a nod to heritage and the time-honored, handmade techniques perfected by local craftsmen.

Fueled by an expanding portfolio of projects and collaborations, encompassing both their proprietary product line and ventures with other manufacturers, Grupa has solidified its position as a premier design brand. Nestled in a studio within their showroom in the historic heart of Zagreb, situated in the city’s vibrant design district neighborhood, Grupa continues to thrive as a hub for innovative and influential design.