Norm Architects

Drawing on 15 years of international experience within residential, hospitality, industrial design and creative direction, Norm Architects works to re-sensualize the built environment.

Founded in 2008, Norm Architects is a Copenhagen-based practice working with design to enrich the human experience. As multidisciplinary architects and designers, we consider our work as a facilitation of well-being, as a distillation of aesthetics that resonate with the unique person and place, and as a system that supports universal human needs.
Each project – be it architecture, interiors or products – exemplifies minimalism infused with a larger aim to re-sensualize the built environment through haptic designs that embrace mind and body. As we work, our goal is always to find the essence of the design no matter its scale or location to create buildings, spaces and objects that connect with the innate human desire for belonging, autonomy and identity. Our expertise lies in recognizing the moment when there is nothing more to add or take away; when function meets beauty and the work feels as good as it looks.