Alp Nuhoğlu

Hailing from Trabzon, Turkey, Alp Nuhoglu entered the design realm with a foundation laid at Mimar Sinan University, where he honed his skills in the Industrial Products Design department.

A visionary from a young age, at 23, Alp embarked on an entrepreneurial journey by founding the furniture design company, DOR. Over the years, his dedication and creativity have left an indelible mark on the design landscape.

Presently, Alp Nuhoglu serves as both a designer and the design director at B & T Design. His prolific portfolio encompasses numerous creations, shaping the distinctive aesthetic of B & T.

Among the standout pieces featured under the Nuans umbrella are the Alek Chair, Round Chair Collection, Loom Tables, Pi Stools, and a plethora of other innovative designs—all born from Alp’s artistic vision and technical expertise. His enduring commitment to pushing the boundaries of design continues to enrich the world of furniture and interior aesthetics.