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Lagom Sofa - Armchair | By Alp Nuhoglu

“Lagom” philosophy of Swedish people which stands for “perfect-simple, just right, enough” became the idea for a new sofa series. “Lagom”, that has the very same name, is a minimalistic point of view.

Lagom series has a gravity-defying light and hovering appearance thanks to its monolithic structure of wooden legs and armrests. Since the soft foam is used in the seat laying on thick frame, a comfortable experience accompanies the sleek appearance. The fixed cushioned backrest supports the body for a healthy posture.

The 110-degree angle between the seat and backrest stands out as a lean yet powerful detail of the design as an aesthetic accent. This feature, in particular, was intended to stabilize posture while offering optimum comfort support.

While the wooden frame can be customized with ash, walnut and black lacquered finishes presented in the B&T Design’s solid wood catalog, the seat and the back can be personalized with different colors and textures presented in the fabric and leather catalog in the most coherent way for the space that it will be located.


  • Single:29.9"d | 29.9"w | 27.7"h | 15.7" seat height | 22" seat depth | 19.3" arm height
  • Double: 29.9"d | 53.5"w | 27.7"h | 15.7" seat height | 22" seat depth | 19.3" arm height
  • Triple: 29.9"d | 77.2"w | 27.7"h | 15.7" seat height | 22" seat depth | 19.3" arm height


  • Single: 1.75 yards for fabric and vinyl // 17.5 square foot leather
  • Double: 3.3 yards for fabric and vinyl // 33 square foot leather
  • Triple: 4.4 yards for fabric and vinyl // 87 square foot leather

  • Solid Ash Wood frame.
  • CNC cut plywood seat and seat back padded with commercial-grade soft foam.
  • Seatack is fixed to the frame.
resources & downloads

Alp Nuhoglu

Born in Trabzon, Turkey in 1965.

Alp Nuhoglu completed his academic education at Mimar Sinan University Faculty of Architecture, Department of Industrial Design. At the age of 23, he founded the furniture and interior design company, DOR.

Currently, Alp works as a designer and the design director with B & T Design. He is a prolific designer having created many of the B & T products we offer. It is his work with B&T which we feature here on Nuans such as the Alek Chair, Round Chair Collection, Loom Tables, Pi Stools, and many more.


B&T Design

Talip Aysan founded his Istanbul based company B&T Designs in 1993. At the heart of their brand were three keywords: “better”, “desirable” and “ worthy”. They would go on to build them, now, a global company in those words and ideas. The result was a line of instant classics that can be appreciated by any design fan.

High-quality commercial-grade, fresh, minimally designed, very unique line of collection.

Today, B & T exports stunning modern products to over 50 countries including the United States and Canada. Their design team of top Turkish and European designers such as Alp Nuhoglu, Tanju Ozelgin, Sezgin Aksu, Silvia Suardi creates groundbreaking modern designs such as the Green Lounge Chair, Pop Modular Sofa, Pera Chair Range, Absolut Table, Morph Sofa and so on..