swithy | design Cristiana Macedo, 2012

Swithy is a smooth wooden sculpture. The shape of this beautiful stool is sinuous and appealing, a female body revealed in an hourglass, with an experimental and sculptural character. The solid wood, manually crafted, harmoniously coexists with burel, a highly resistant and durable traditional Portuguese fabric made from wool. That’s why each Swithy is unique and imperfect. A perfect imperfection of the human hand that worked it and of Nature by the variations of the wood which composes it.

Structure: Hornbeam wood

Rosette Pad Seat Cushion: Burel

Diameter 14,2in Height 17,7in



Cristiana Macedo

“What follow us in lifelong leaves a mark on the way we live. So that you can generate in others a desire to live more fully and striking, I create to inspire better lives!”


two six

Established in 2012, Two.Six is a furniture brand and design editor born from the desire to rethink design and how it fosters contemporary culture.

Two.Six produces timeless pieces that assume, however, a leading character, functional and of high quality. Two.Six design studio favors simple lines, hot colors, and clever details. Think touchable stripes of lacquer and quirky fabric accents, combined with handsome natural wood, of course. Aesthetically rich, challenging for its color and creativity, Two.Six collections are made of versatile objects that naturally coexist in eclectic environments.
We have collaborations with new talented designers from around the world. Each designer comes with a point of view, a background and a story. In common is the passion for design, color and detail.

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